Malawi Estate

Farm: Malawi Estate
Flowering Season: December to February
Harvest Period: May to September
Altitude (m): 1,080m above sea level
Varieties: Produced from the trees of Catamor Populations variety
Processing: Wet method; washed.  Floor-dried in the open air
Cup Profile: Flowery and orange/lime-like overtones.  Medium acidity, body and sweetness.

Malawi stretches along the west side of Lake Malawi in southeastern Africa and typically produces well balanced coffees. Kapno Estate, also known locally as Mlombozi coffee, is located in the Namadzi southern region of Malawi, about 25 km's from Blantyre.

Coffee is grown on the Zomba Plateau. Kapno Coffee is a boutique estate having only 30 hectares planted.

This owner managed estate is all about personal care and attention to detail. The coffee plantation together with the other crops; tobacco and geraniums are all in pristine condition. This attention is evident in the production and quality of the coffees from Kapno Estate.

Malawi coffees have become well known for their full bodied, soft, & rich flavour with a berry aroma and medium acidity.