Andrew Gordon – President and C.E.O.

Andrew Gordon has served as Chief Executive Office, President, Treasurer and in the capacity of director since 1997 and as Chief Financial Officer since November 2004. He is responsible for managing our overall business and has worked for Coffee Holding for 32 years, previously as a Vice President from 1993 to 1997. Mr. Gordon has worked in all capacities of our business and serves as the direct contact with our major private label accounts. In addition, Mr. Gordon publishes a weekly report that is distributed to our customers and is perceived by many of his peers and customers as a coffee market expert. Mr. Gordon received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Emory University.

David Gordon – Executive Vice President and COO

David Gordon has served as Executive Vice President—Operations, Secretary and one of our directors since 1995. He is responsible for managing all aspects of our roasting and blending operations, including quality control, and has worked for Coffee Holding for 32 years, previously as an operating Manager from 1989 to 1995. He travels extensively to origin (Central & South America). He is a charter member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Mr. Gordon attended Baruch College in New York City.

Sterling Gordon – Founder

Sterling Gordon founded Coffee Holding Co., Inc. in 1971. He possesses over 50 years of experience in the coffee business during which time he has developed a reputation in the industry as an expert in coffee blending and quality. On July 11, 2005, at the SCAA Summer Membership Reception in New York, Sterling became the fifth recipient of the Mose Drachman Sales & Service Award, established in 2001.

Robert Penrose – Chief Operating Officer, Sonofresco

Robert Penrose is Coffee Holding Company’s Chief Operating Officer of subsidiary Sonofresco, LLC. He is responsible for managing daily operations including, overall sales, production of coffee roasting equipment, roasted coffee, green coffee production, service and is the engineer responsible for product development, 3D CAD design, and certification. With 17 years’ experience in the industry, Robert has been with Sonofresco for 17 years and Coffee Holding Company for the past 2 years. Roberts’s proven project management skills, team leadership, product promotion and engineering, have helped Sonofresco advance small batch roasting within the industry.

Erik Hansen – Exectuive vice President, Sales, Coffee Holding Company

Erik Hansen is Coffee Holding Company’s Executive Vice President of Sales, managing our roasted coffee sales of both private label and branded products. With 16 years’ experience in the industry, Erik has been with Coffee Holding Company for the past 14 years. His proven sales experience, combining strategic leadership, strong effective execution skills have helped Coffee Holding Company increase market share across the US and abroad. Erik has a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration and Marketing from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo.