BURUNDI Arabica Bourbon

Kinyovu Washing Station
The Kinyovu Washing Station Cooperative in Rango, Kayanza, has about 3,800 members contributing cherry, with more than 1,300 delivering directly to the washing station and the other 2,500 bringing coffee to 34 collection points in the general vicinity.

Origin   Burundi
Region   Rango, Kayanza
Farm   Kinyovu Washing Station Coopérative
Variety   Bourbon, Jackson, Mbirizi
Altitude   1880 m.a.s.l (metres @ sea level)
Processing   Washed

The Cup
“Syrupy sweet with big fruit acidity and a heavy mouthfeel; lots of sugar cane juice with lemon, cranberry, cherry, honey and chamomile.”

Despite the surface similarities that Burundi and Rwanda share on paper with regards to varieties, processing, farmer profile, and history (the two nations are often lumped together on offerings sheets and in the “story” of African coffees), they are practically night and day in the cup: The sparkling acidity of Burundi and the incredible complexity and diversity that’s possible here is absolutely a product of the terroir, and the taste of the place is as beautiful and varied as the place itself.